Quilt Block of the Month ~ January

If you’re on Pinterest and you like fabric and sewing, by all means follow Riley Blake. They have some great pins – lots of projects that would be fun to try! They have a super fun Mystery Block of the Month project right now. You can download the free pdf pattern here and join in the fun if you want.

We had a blizzard this weekend, and it seemed like the perfect time to sew my January block. (Sewing January’s block in February… that’s how I roll.)

Here’s my January block:

chevron quilt square

I used some leftover fabric from a previous project. It’s a fun chevron quilt block. Really easy. One block a month – low commitment. Also how I roll.

I have some quilt squares that I cut out back in, I kid you not, 1998 that I am really itching to put together. It only took me 15 years to get motivated. Maybe I’ll get back to work on that…

Happy weekend!

Happy New Year Sale ~ 20% Off

I’m ringing in the New Year with a little sale over at Gamma’s Booth. Enter code HAPPYNEWYEAR at checkout to receive 20% off all ready-to-ship items. (Excludes any custom, special, or made-to-order items.) Code is valid through January 5th.

Here are a few of my favorite things currently in Gamma’s Booth:

1. Brown and Teal Sunglasses Case

2. Black and White Chevron with Pink Ruffle Sunglasses Case

3. Zebra Print Diaper Clutch

4. Pink and Gray Diaper Clutch

5. Mint and Gray Diaper Clutch

6. Red Chevron Cherry Pouch

7. Yellow and Gray Photo Album

Happy New Year!



Christmas was easy when I was a kid. I never understood the phrase “just trying to get through the holidays.” Blasphemy. I wanted to soak up every second of Christmas and enjoy it to the fullest. Christmas meant parties at school and church, special cookie-baking days with my mom, fun shopping trips, presents, visiting family – what was not to love?! So magical for a child.

Even the true, holy reason for Christmas was magical for me. I read the account of Jesus’ birth, and it sank in. I had time to reflect on it, to wonder about it. I recognized how supernatural it was for God to be born a baby… in a stable. It was real and powerful to me.

It still is real and powerful to me, but it’s not as easy as it used to be. Soaking up the wonder of Christmas gets pushed aside. There’s hustle and bustle and finances and family and city-life and just the craziness of life in general. They meet me head-on every single morning, and it takes intentional, focused attention on God for me to push those things where they should be ~ in God’s hands.

When my worries and plans and dreams are in God’s hands, I can sit and reflect in wonder on what He did for me. I can be in awe that Jesus really was born miraculously to a virgin. That the One who has the power to give eternal life lived on earth as a vulnerable three-year old. That the King of all kings – the One who has always been and who always will be was a baby in diapers. Amazing. And so backwards! But that’s how God seems to roll:

I Corinthians 1:27 “But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.”

When I reflect on these things, on God’s master plan, that child-like wonder creeps back in. There’s a little chapter about wonder in Dr. David Jeremiahs’ book The Twelve Ways of Christmas. It’s my favorite chapter in the book, because it really draws me closer to that first Christmas night. Dr. Jeremiah says in his book,

What would you and I have thought if we had been there when the first Christmas took place? How many nights would we have sat up late talking about these events, trying to put two and two together? I can assure you we would have exhibited far more wonder than we do today.

Right? We are separated from the birth of the Savior but a couple thousand years. It wasn’t on a different planet or in a fictional TV show. It was real. When that sinks in, so does the wonder.

My not-so-little boy

When he’s hurt – really hurt, he’ll come to me with big tears and arms held high.

He’ll be five years old in less than five weeks, and it happened in all of what seemed like five minutes.

I pick him up. I struggle to pick him up. He’s tall and lanky like his daddy and his frame weighs me down. But I hoist him up and hold him close because I know something important. Pretty soon… really, really soon…his arms won’t reach up. He’ll get taller and bigger and surpass the stage of being held by his mama. I know it’s coming. So every. single. time. I pick him up, I think This could be the last time.

I want it to last forever, and I don’t, all at the same time. I want to hold on to my baby, but I want him to grow and learn let God use his life. I’m thankful for these moments right now. Thankful that I have him, can pick him up, hold him, squeeze him, and let him be the happy almost-five-year-old that he is. 

(And I promise, when he grows up, I won’t go all creepy “Love You Forever” mother on him. No climbing through windows and rocking a grown man to sleep for me.)



Hello Monday ~ 10/15


Hello Monday.

Hello cup of coffee.

Hello busy week ahead. Cleaning and grocery shopping so I can get ready to leave on Friday for the Fall Women’s Conference at Word of Life Inn in Schroon Lake, NY. Beyond excited.

Gonna miss these 2 little guys while I’m gone.

Oh they are so much fun, these little boys. Gonna miss their daddy too. Lucky for them, their daddy is the bees knees, and they are in for a fun weekend.

They will have fun and make special memories, and I will get away with my dear friends from church and rejuvenate and let God fill me up. So very excited.

So… Hello online grocery shopping.

Hello laundry (every. single. week.)

Hello shipping out orders for Gamma’s Booth.

Hello new fabric that should be arriving today. (UPS man, why must you END your route with my address? I think you should mix things up and start here for once.)

Hello sewing projects and new ideas in the works.

Hello loving family, comfy apartment, food on the table, clothes to wear. We are so abundantly and richly blessed.

Have a wonderful week!

~ Linking up with Lisa Leonard to say hello to Monday.



When friendship eludes me

Friendship is hard work for me. It just is. I’m naturally introverted and people are weird and I’m weird. I like spending time with myself.

But I know that God created me for friendship. It doesn’t come easily for me to reach out; it takes work and stepping outside of my comfort zone.

Sometimes the effort is too much for me. Sometimes I want a friend, but I don’t want to work for it.

God knows. He knows and He cares and He’s got me covered.

I’m writing a little more on this today over at (in)courage. Join me there!


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