How To Clean High Chair Straps

Or in my case, how to clean booster seat straps. It’s all the same. And if yours look anything like mine (actually my son’s), they’re pretty gross.

Exhibit A:


and Exhibit B:


It has looked much worse than this, but I have tried cleaning it with soap and water a few times. That got some of the junk off, but for the most part, it still looked pretty dirty.

So here we go. The cast of characters:


You will need:


Baking Soda

Dish soap (Dawn is my fave)

An old toothbrush or some other cleaning brush

A plastic container or paper cup

1.  Mix two parts bleach to one part baking soda. You don’t need a lot. I did about 1/4 cup bleach with 1/8 cup baking soda. I had plenty left over.

3. Slosh it around. Add one drop of dish soap. (You might need more if you’re using something other than the concentrated Dawn dish soap.)

4. Mix it up with your toothbrush and start scrubbing. You’ll want to mix it up frequently, as the baking soda likes to separate from the bleach. If you need more suds, add another drop or two of dish soap.

5. Lather, rinse, repeat… as needed. The straps on my booster seat (again, not mine per se) cleaned up very easily and didn’t require much elbow grease at all. Rinse it off with water and let dry. They will look even brighter and whiter after they dry.


SO much better!

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11 thoughts on “How To Clean High Chair Straps

  1. My son’s high chair straps are black (still nasty) do you think vinegar in place of bleach might work so I don’t bleach the straps?

    • Ditto, though some highchairs have straps that can’t be removed. I’d never buy one like that, though.

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  3. Some high chairs/booster don’t have straps that are removable. We have “The First Years” booster chair. Mine are attached and I ended up just soaking the entire thing in my bathtub with a bleach solution. It also got out all those lovely bits of food in the crevices and cracks that I couldn’t get to ;) We have “The First Years” booster chair.

  4. my husband found this while trying to find a solution to our daughters yucky straps. I just used this and the straps look brand new. we have a Fisher Price space saver high chair and at one point the straps were so gross I put it in the bathtub to soak. Thanks for sharing this!

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